Work Available

All artwork and sculptures are available for purchase.

Works On Paper

Pickard Gallery holds a wide range of different works on paper. We have artists such as Joan Foth, Christina Pickard and Robin Starke. All artwork is for sale. Check out some of our portfolio directly on our website below.

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African Art

Pickard Gallery, has a wide selection of African art pieces from all different tribes, areas and time frames. All artwork is for sale so check out some of our portfolio by clicking below.

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About Pickard Gallery

Pickard Gallery is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114

Where We Started

Pickard Art Gallery was founded in 1967 to represent artworks on paper from Europe and the United States. Later we focused on contemporary artworks, adding African tribal sculpture in 1969.

This was a time of great conflict in central Africa, and artworks not previously available came to the market for the first time outside of European sources. The sale in New York in 1967 of the Helena Rubinstein collection opened the perception of the American collectors to this great area of tribal sculpture. And the American market for tribal art was begun.

My Collection

The contemporary art we represent consists of paintings on canvas and on paper and signed original limited-edition prints by national artists.

The African tribal art collection is composed of figures, masks, textiles, and objects of daily use from Western Africa, Central Africa and Eastern Africa, with depth in sculptures from the :  Baga, Baule, Dan,  Bambara, Dogon, Senufo, Yoruba, Luba, Lega, Songye, Kuba, Chokwe, and other tribes.  Many of our earliest objects are cast bronze and low-fired clay artifacts.

Select pieces date from the late nineteenth to early and mid-twentieth century, some fine tribal carving is from the later 20th century.

Our collection was formed over a fifty-year period through private collections, dealers in the U.S. and Europe, dealers in Africa, and privately held missionary collections.

We Welcome

We welcome collectors who focus on artworks from specific forms or tribes. We can provide limited photos for those with defined, specific interests.